Blacki Robotics was founded in 2008 by Brian Hart, who lost his son John, an Army infantry man, in Iraq. John’s vehicle, basically no different from a vehicle on our streets, struck an IED and was ambushed. The tragedy motivated Brian to work with inventor Arthur Berube to design systems to better protect the troops. Their collaboration resulted in an autonomous guided vehicle (the Landshark robot) a flexible mobile Arm, which can be used in a wide variety of applications, and a Bomb Kit for disarming IEDs and other explosives.

We continue to provide innovative products to the government, but the demand from the commercial sector for our products, especially our patented intelligent Fullscope Mobile Arm®, has been huge. Logistics companies, for example, are looking for adaptable robotic systems to deploy in their warehouses, manufacturing plants and other centers to supplement and replace scarce, expensive labor hired to perform repetitive tasks such as moving boxes from shelves to pallets.

In an age disrupted by the coronavirus, those needs have become urgent. So urgent, that Black-i created an associated company, Black-I Environmental, to import and service robots from China to help attack Covis19. For further information, go to www.blackienvironmental.com Robots don’t get sick, ask for raises, don’t take coffee breaks and work 24/7. A single robot can replace two full time equivalent employees per day. A robot’s return on investment is measured in just months, sometimes in weeks.

Black-I’s robotic arm leads the industry. Traditionally, robot arms are fixed, forcing work and workers to move to them. They also top out at picking up loads no larger than 5-10 kg, if that. Our Fullscope Mobile Arm, equipped with state-of-the-art software and sensors, moves, bends and grasps virtually like a human while lifting up to 45 kg.

We call this “next wave” of robotic capabilities “Adaptive Robotics” because Blacki can deliver a range of powerful applications, adapted to our clients’ specific needs. These include:

  • assisting the Army Corps of Engineers to implement 3D construction, which is revolutionizing the productivity of the construction industry while improving the environment. The video, right, was shot in our busy laboratory just before we shipped our patented Full scope Mobile Arm to the Corp’s Research Center.
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  • securing critical infrastructure such as atomic energy plants and gas and oil fields;
  • strengthening supply chains, within a range of industries, from distribution to manufacturing and beyond;
  • supporting troops in the field;
  • accelerating the food chain from field to table.

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