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Black-I Robotics, located in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts, was founded in 2008 by a team of experienced inventors, engineers, business visionaries and private investors, led by Brian Hart, CEO. Brian lost his 20-year-old son, an Army private, in action in Iraq in 2004. Brian left his job as CEO of a high-tech drug distribution company to become a Civilian Advocate, working with Senator Kennedy and others to better equip and safeguard our soldiers.

Tackling Worker Scarcity: Brian’s work included exploring how robots could protect the troops. He became a leading expert in the field of robotics, which led to the founding of Black-I, whose first product was a mobile robotic platform that among other functions could extricate wounded soldiers from the battlefield without endangering others. A follow on project for the Defense Department’s elite Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) was the development of a heavy lift arm that could replace and augment soldiers required to move heavy objects.

Brian and his team have gone on to develop a range of high tech products for numerous public, private and government organizations, focusing primarily on mobile robots and mobile robotic arms that improve labor availability and enhance productivity. The U.S. government, private companies such as Raytheon and universities such as Princeton and Carnegie Mellon have entrusted Black-I with a range of critical projects.

Installing Intelligence: As we transitioned the original smart, rugged arm designed for the government into the human-like arm for the logistics industry, we partnered with one of the world’s leading designers of software for human-centered vision-guided arm control and real-time learning,  Ascend Robotics, which is located close to us in Cambridge, MA. Today, our Fullscope Mobile Heavy Lift Arm is being run through its paces at the country’s largest consumer products company and one of the world’s leading logistics firms, among other Fortune 50 companies.

Black-I is acknowledged as one of the world’s most experienced companies for lifting large objects on mobile platforms, making us the perfect partner for companies looking to solve their labor problems and enhance their productivity, efficiency and the well being of their workers. More than a dozen companies — most household names — have expressed serious interest in the arm.

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