Blacki’s Landshark is a rugged, state-of-the-art fully electric UGV that defines what Adaptable Robotics means. As an IP based system, it allows for maximum scalability of external payloads, sensors and computing power depending on the mission. For example, if a vision processing module is required, it can be easily accommodated.

Software enhances the Landmark’s adaptability. It uses the JAUS protocol for all communications. The onboard computer is a low power Linux system running non-GUI full version Fedora 11. The computer performs all onboard tasks such as PID control, LIDAR, GPS, IMU and encoders.

The Landshark has a run time of up to 60 hours depending on use, terrain and payloads, and can achieve speeds of 10 mph with a payload of 200 lbs.  In keeping with its adaptability to mission objectives, it can be operated remotely or via third party payloads that provide full or semi-autonomous commands.

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