Robotic Explosive Protection Tool

We developed a universal Robotic Tool System to protect against IEDs, bombs and other explosive threats. It was designed specifically to help EOD, HAZMAT and SWAT teams improve the utility of their existing robot investments and keep staff safe.

The tool set is modular, which means it works with all major EOD robots while the gripper block is customized to each model. That substantially reduces training requirement and costs.

Most EOD operators are familiar with Israeli toolkits. They are effective, but Blacki’s kit is a generational improvement.

  • The design has been significantly upgraded.
  • The gripper blocks are interchangeable between major robot models and manufacturers, especially those used in the US.
  • Additional tools have been added based on trials for CTTSO/TSWG and the NIST VBIED tests as well as input from a variety of bomb squads.
  • The cost of our Tool System is dramatically less.

For more detailed information on on Blacki’s robot chassis and Arm, Click Here