Workers are scarce. Worse, their exhausting work makes them subject to injuries, meaning lost days, medical bills, sometimes lawsuits. Still, the work has to get done.


That’s where automation — the modern non-human worker — comes to the rescue. Black-I Robotics’ Fullscope Mobile Heavy Lift Arm is a complete robot solution designed by experts specifically for the logistics industry. It integrates a powerful robotic arm, end tool/gripper, multiple 2D and 3D cameras with live data stream, computer controls and sophisticated application software in a single intelligent bundle specifically tailored for pick and place operations.


TRUE HEAVY LIFTING: The mobile arm can lift objects from 35 to 100 lbs, four times more than competing arms. Its flexible, customized grippers also are unique to the logistics industry. Safety is built into the arm’s operation, as precise object recognition and avoidance software keeps workers safe and secure without costly and confining protected space, external cages or other clumsy safeguards. The arm is controlled by operations staff, which can easily and quickly modify the arm’s functions as the workplace changes, which often happens. Quick adaptability alone can save millions of dollars.

REPLACING MULTIPLE WORKERS: The Black-I arm can replace up to two full time equivalents per shift. Workers who now pick, place, pull and push all day can be assigned to functions where brains rather than brawn are required. The improvement in worker health, safety and morale are matched by an increase in productivity and a dramatic decrease in operating costs.

Companies can finance the arm as a service model within their existing budget rather than a capital expense if they wish.