Black-I’s Fullscope Mobile Heavy Lift Arm provides a complete robotic solution to a pick and place dilemma that costs the logistics industry millions of dollars a year while contributing little to productivity.

Our Fullscope Mobile Heavy Lift Arm is the first and only robotic pick and place solution that integrates the arm, end tool/gripper, multiple 2D and 3D cameras with live data stream, and sophisticated application software in a single intelligent bundle specifically tailored for pick and place operations, including precise object recognition and avoidance to keep humans working nearby safe. The arm is controlled and managed in-house by operations personnel, who can easily and quickly reconfigure the system on the fly when changes are made to products, shelving, placement points, which happen all the time in dynamic warehouses, manufacturing plants, distribution centers.

 Black-I’s model contrasts dramatically with standard arms on the market today, which are weak, inflexible, costly and difficult to manage.  It’s a model that doesn’t work for the vigorous logistics market.

Traditionally, the robotics industry has been segmented into very defined roles: 

  • Robotics manufacturers make the arms, with no end tooling.
  • Others make end-of-arm tools like grippers.
  • Systems integrators work with end customers to combine what others produced
  • Software engineers write programs to make the robot useful.

The result: more or less independent pieces from different vendors that need to be stitched together into a robot that can’t easily accommodate change in an industry defined by change. When change does occur, the robotic arms that grasp and move an object also must be changed, reworked, reprogrammed. That takes time; sometimes weeks, occasionally months. The Black-I Fullscope Mobile Arm is a single, elegant solution that can be quickly and easily adapted, alone avoiding the expense and frustration it costs in idle time.

Estimates are that the Black-I Robotics Fullscope Mobile Heavy Lift Arm, which lifts four times the weight of other arms on the market, can replace up to two full-time equivalents per shift. Perhaps more partnered with AMRs. Productivity, time to market, cost-cutting, worker safety can be measured in many millions of dollars for every Black-I arm installed.  Workers who now pick, place, pull, and push all day can be assigned to functions where brains rather than simply brawn are required. This is a robotic solution that revolutionizes the factory floor, the warehouse — every industry where thousands of objects must be picked, moved, and set down, from the supply chain to the food chain and beyond.