The Black-I Difference

There’s a vast difference between Black-I’s Fullscope Mobile Heavy Lift Robot and other bots:

FROM THE GROUND UP: Integrating numerous technologies that “see” and “think” into a single but complex robot that automatically picks, lifts, maneuvers and places large objects is an enormous challenge. Our team — consisting of mechanical engineers, robotic control experts, vision and software specialists — started with a basic robotic arm that we developed for the Defense Department’s leading technology agencies, and then modified it specifically for the logistics industry. It’s taken three years of intensive work to develop the unique Fullscope arm, and we have been granted patents on the product and other intellectual property.

20-20 VISION: Warehouses, manufacturing floors, and similar workplaces are full of machines, shelving, boxes, cartons, instruments, pallets, and, most notably, people. Many factories use space, cameras, cages and other safeguards to protect their workers. Our goal at Black-I was to develop vision capabilities that eliminated the need for clumsy and expensive safeguards and help management optimize their infrastructure.  As experts in machine vision, our team developed the critical “brains” of the coordinated control and task centered UI  for the Fullscope arm. The result: a revolutionary configuration!

FITTING CUSTOMER INFRASTRUCTURE:From the start, our engineers insisted that our Fullscope arm had to fit into and work with a customer’s existing infrastructure, and adapt to any change in the infrastructure down the road. Our coordinated system control and task centered IU was designed specifically for Facilities Managers. It is easy to use, provides management autonomy and readily integrates with WMS and MES systems.

DATA AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!: Facilities Managers will be excited about many innovations represented by the Fullscope arm, but what they will find among the most valuable innovations is Black-I’s breakthrough Management Dashboard. The dashboard enables operations and facilities staff to view in real time a range of critical information — including system and performance data — collected by the arm,  a first for most companies in the logistics industry.

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